About Us 

Farnworth & Cole is the developing story of the work of British designer and artist Alison Farnworth-Cole.


From a very early age, Alison loved to paint and draw and took her inspiration from nature and her surroundings in Somerset.   In her mid-twenties she completed a Fine Art degree specialising in painting.  A few years after graduating she was given a bag of tapestry wool and canvas by a neighbour and was immediately drawn to the rich vibrancy and warm texture of the wool.  She began to stitch.  After years of stitching and unpicking Alison eventually perfected a pointillist way of stitching which meant she could create a 3-dimensional tonal effect to her work. She also captured a unique quality stitching colours so close in value next to one another that the work glows.  It is achieving this quality which now makes wool her medium of choice. 


In 2013 Alison was delighted to be commissioned to produce a series of pieces for Ehrman Tapestries. These commissions rekindled her interest in the natural world often choosing subjects unseen or unknown, but finding a beauty in them and translating this to needlepoint.  In her research for her stitched pieces, she also discovered the plight of so many creatures, many of them under threat, or facing extinction.  Raising awareness of threatened creatures has also become a theme in her work and it will be developed further with Farnworth & Cole. 


Becoming increasingly aware of the creative potential of technology, Alison recently began her exploration into extending the creative process of her work into print. The challenge was to be able to reproduce her work without compromising the integrity of the original stitched piece. Early in 2017 she discovered the silk industry and print expertise in Como, Italy.  She founded Farnworth & Cole and began to work on producing her first range of silk scarves.

The scarves are produced to the very highest quality resulting from both generations of skilled expertise and the very latest print technology.   Always wanting her work to be worn, silk scarves with bold print of original artwork are a great starting point.

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